Til - Python Mirrors Strip Metadata

A very annoying discovery today. Some pypi mirrors strip out python_requires metadata. This means that you may install a version of a package that isn’t supported by your local version of python. A fix is to edit the mirror in /etc/pip.conf but this admittedly very annoying.

TIL - Named Git Stash

You can name a git stash like so: git stash push -m "message" Thwn find it like so: git stash list And apply the specific stash like so: git stash apply stash@{1} However git diff may be a better solution git diff > some.patch And to apply git apply some.patch So I’ve added these to my shell aliases . # Store patch function gdsp() { git diff > ~/.stashes/$1.patch gdlp } # Apply patch function gdap() { git apply ~/.

Quick Review - Long Gone Days

Coming from the AMAZING Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, Long Gone Days is a “2D modern-day military RPG set in our current times, with a focus on language and cultural barriers”’. Looks Love the art-style of the game. Music The score is solid and the in-game sounds are fine but unspectacular. Story No spoilers here. The story isn’t bad, but it definitely has higher ideas than it’s able to pull off.

Lazy Mindfulness

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about being present, and how difficult I’ve found it to be present in the past, I tried so hard and could never crack it. My mind always going in any direction it wanted. Since my son arrived, I figured this quest would be impossible, I have no time to put the effort in. I’m present for my son where I can be but any free time, my mind is going everywhere.

TIL - Bash Shift

In bash, use shift to reassign positional arguments. For example: $1 $2 $3 Would become $1 matches old $2 $2 matches old $3


General Alfred Shortcuts to everything Useful textexpansion Useful shortcuts http://frantic.im/macos-app-shortcuts Vscode Plugins CodeTour Setup an awesome tour of code TabNine Automated Terminal entr For running automated pipeline scripts Ex: ls | entr make Python pyenv is great for maintaining environments Rich - Better terminal formatting https://github.

TIL - What is CFN-Hup

CFN-Hup is a cloudformation daemon that detects and applies changes to the EC2 instance it’s running on.

TIL - Git Rebase

In git, during rebase, ours and theirs are reversed. theirs is actually the current branch in the case of rebase.

TIL - AWS Summit - Latency

P99 and P95 latency refer to the percentage of requests should be faster than given latency.

TIL - AWS Summit - Eventbridge

Eventbridge can translate a lot of useful internal Amazon events into a call to say a Lamdba so you can drive custom behaviour from those events. For example: high vulnerabilities in your pushed ECR image could trigger lambda to fire off an alert(or delete the image).
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